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The Merit-Based Incentive Program 2017 – The Last 90 Days

As we prepare for the end of 2017, managers are not likely focused on the Holidays. The process of assessing our electronic medical record vendor, absorbing the details of MIPS, and making the decisions on how to prepare, is overwhelming for all practices. The transition to value-based medicine has […]

Leadership in a Value-Based World – Building the Team

Leadership in a medical practice has always been an interesting dynamic.  A large practice may be led by an effective administrative and clinical team, while the physicians focus on growing the clinical services and expanding the business through the addition of mid-level providers and other production goals. A small […]

Paying More Money Is Not The Best Way To Retain Great Staff

Medical practices are painfully in need of keeping their top employees. The time, costs and dangers of recruiting replacement personnel are just part of the issue.  Loss of key team members negatively impacts patient care, practice profitability and staff morale. All administrators agree that the retention of a trained, […]

The Value of the Team Approach

Most all medical practices are preparing a MACRA project this summer. Our healthcare team has had the opportunity to speak to many physicians and managers regarding preparation for the transition from volume to value based medicine and reimbursement. A large project can be overwhelming for any practice, but this […]

How to Avoid 4 Common Pitfalls with Practice Mergers

From compensation formulas to overhead increases and combining benefit plans, there are many factors to consider as you are merging two unique medical practices together. Sae Evans and Jim Stroud walk you through their experience on ways to avoid major issues during the time of a merger.

Retaining Top Staff through Fair Compensation

As we move from fee per service to fees for quality, top customer satisfaction metrics, practices will rely heavily on the quality of their staff. Warren Averett can help you define a pay range for each office position (from RN to the front desk assistance) as well as their […]

2 key factors for Small Medical Practices to Remain Independent

A medical practice should keep two key factors top of mind: staff quality and effective reporting software. Sae Evans and Jim Stroud speak on system recommendations, avoiding costly penalties and the preparation for upcoming changes, while also retaining quality staff.

Adding A Mid-Level Provider? Pitfalls To Avoid

In the last 10-15 years, the use of mid-level providers has increased to expand the base of patients in many practices. The nurse practitioner scope of practice is more flexible and there are specialty designations available to foster expertise in certain areas. The insurance companies have expanded the number […]

When Is It Wise To Offer Patients A Reduced Fee Schedule?

Some of our practice management roundtable participants are offering certain patients an opportunity to pay fees of less than the standard fee schedule for their care. Below we will discuss how they are reaching that decision and if it could be appropriate for your practice.

Some patients have no insurance […]

Physician Burnout

How many of your colleagues are complaining that they are doing more work, and getting less for it? How many of them are experiencing ever increasing levels of frustration brought on by outside influences: governmental regulation, insurance regulation, increased concern about medical malpractice, increasingly negative attitude by society towards […]