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Warren Averett Hires New Strategic Advisor

Warren Averett, CPAs and Advisors recently welcomed Ely Friedman as Strategic Advisor for the Firm’s Private Equity and Corporate Advisory Services Group. Ely will focus heavily on new client acquisition through support of the Firm’s Transaction Advisory Services.

Ely joins Warren Averett from Business Acquisition and Merger Associates (“BAMA”) where […]

Private Equity In The Manufacturing Sector

More companies are looking to achieve more with less and optimize productivity.  At the same time, new technologies and automation are opening the door for innovation in manufacturing facilities across industries,enabling faster, smarter production. Learn more about how private equity is playing a role in these changes.

Recent Court Decision Has Implications for Members of a Fund Management Company

Private equity funds typically utilize a limited liability company (LLC), treated as a partnership for tax purposes, to provide management services to the main fund entity. Members of the management entity oftentimes receive compensation in the form of guaranteed payments along with a distributive share of net operating income […]

Cyber Risks Intensified Within the Private Equity Industry

The WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017 might be remembered as the attack that changed everything. The largest attack of its kind, WannaCry affected more than 75,000 organizations in more than 150 countries. This scale and scope made people across the globe realize that no one is immune to cyber […]

Make Sure Your Company is Prepared For Any Disaster

What could stop your company from operating for a day, a month or a year? A flood or fire? Perhaps a key supplier shuts down temporarily or permanently. Or maybe a hacker or technical problem crashes your website or you suddenly lose power. Whatever the potential cause might be, […]

Digital Marketing and R&D Tax Credits

The future of Digital Marketing is evolving rapidly. As marketing innovation continues to be an important factor in industry competitiveness, those who understand the fundamentals of federal and state R&D tax credits and how they can be leveraged will be better positioned to take advantage of its potential cash […]

Don’t Make Hunches — Crunch the Numbers

Some business owners make major decisions by relying on gut instinct. But investments made on a “hunch” often fall short of management’s expectations.

In the broadest sense, you’re really trying to answer a simple question: If my company buys a given asset, will the asset’s benefits be greater than its […]

Hot Spots to Look for Your Successor

Picking someone to lead your company after you step down is probably among the hardest aspects of retiring (or otherwise moving on). Sure, there are some business owners who have a ready-made successor waiting in the wings at a moment’s notice. But many have a few viable candidates to […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Choosing the Right Lender

It’s easy to think of lenders as doing your company a favor. But business financing relationships are just that: relationships. Yes, a lender has the working capital you need to grow. But a stable, successful business represents an enormously beneficial opportunity for the lender as well. So you should […]

Consider Key Person Insurance as a Succession Plan Safeguard

In business, and in life, among the most important ways to manage risk is through insurance. For certain types of companies — particularly start-ups and small businesses — one major threat is the sudden loss of an owner or hard-to-replace employee. To safeguard against this risk, insurers offer key […]