Welcome to Warren Averett Online Tools. We have developed this area to provide clients with a range of simple tools to help:

  • Identify and  examine the key success factors
  • Develop strategies that resolve these issues
  • Execute the strategies to drive growth and profit

GPS Diagnostics Business Diagnostic: There are 25 questions used to provide an indication of the Top 3 areas for improvement from a selection of 10 success factors. The scale is -5 to +5 with 0 representing everything is okay. The diagnostic allows businesses to pinpoint key issues or opportunities in relation to other aspects of their business. At the end of the diagnostic you will have clarity as to where to focus your strategies and actions over the months / year ahead. Try the tool now. Non-Profit Diagnostic: Similar to the Business Diagnostic, we’ve designed a special diagnostic for the non-profit sector. This diagnostic is in an electronic format. Decision Matrix The purpose of the decision matrix is to pass the decision making process through a selection filter and reduce the subjectivity in decision making. When decisions are made it is rare that the factors that influence your decision are weighted equally. The decision matrix also allows a group of people to identify, agree on, weight and importantly take ownership of a set of factors that are seen by all as influencing that decision. This online tool guides you through the decision making process and allows you to share the results with colleagues and partners. You have up to 5 factors and 4 different decision options. Try the tool now.