“Warren Averett is a completely amazing experience. The Firm exceeds all expectations of a business owner. The level of knowledge on a variety of issues is beyond compare of large firms used in the past; service-orientation stands above the rest as well. Response is instantaneous when questions are asked and needed. When you put service and knowledge together, Warren Averett is second to none—both key differentiators from the competition.” – Founder & Chairman Southeastern cancer laboratory

“In this very frantic day and age where people are so incredibly busy, the pillars of stellar customer service often tend to crumble a bit – not so much with Warren Averett. I appreciate the kindness and professionalism of the team. I am so very impressed by them – they are amazing at their jobs.” – Individual Client

“We really feel like with the expertise of their partners, and the accessibility of their partners — they really were the best value. They weren’t the lowest priced – they weren’t the highest priced. Reimbursement is so different nationally and to have partners who truly understand how our reimbursement system worked was absolutely invaluable.” – Health Care CFO

“The audit has always been conducted professionally and efficiently with minimal disruption to our normal activities and we are fortunate to have a firm of this caliber serve as our auditors.” – Government, Finance Officer

“Warren Averett consistently demonstrates commitment to excellence in everything they do.
The work well under pressure and against tight deadlines. I recommend Warren Averett for any accounting related needs.” – Manager of Underwriting Organization

“After purchasing a hardwood lumber-manufacturing mill in North Alabama I needed to seek advice on accounting and tax preparation matters. I knew if we wanted to be the best, we needed to seek the best. After some vigorous research, Warren Averett kept rising to the top and meeting our company needs. I’ve been onboard with Warren Averett for over three years now and they’ve saved us thousands of dollars. They came in, studied our particular method of operation and advised us for our greatest potential of growth.” – President/CEO, Hardwood lumber manufacturer

“We had an urgent need to fill a new position and needed help fleshing out the details of the job description. Warren Averett Staffing was very helpful in helping to determine the right skill set for the position. They got right to work on the search and came up with a winner!” – Finance Director of a Manufacturing and Distribution Company

“I joined the company in March 2015 after a major reorganization in which the senior staff was undergoing a total refresh. On the first day, I was faced with finding a Controller and a couple of accountants. Later in the year an administrative assistant for the CEO, a marketing coordinator, and a HR person were also required. Rusty Pickering and Missy Marlow with Warren Averett Staffing were able to effectively identify candidates for all these positions based on agreed to job functions and qualifications. Most of the positions only required interviewing two candidates. Amazingly, always the candidate that Rusty said, “this is one you want” worked out to be the best. All of the new employees are performing well as they go into their second year of service. In a difficult year, Rusty and Misty made my staffing decisions much easier. I and my fellow managers at the company truly appreciate their efforts and support.” – CFO of Insurance Company

“We used Warren Averett Staffing & Recruiting to fill an executive level position at the company. The process was swift and efficient from sourcing excellent candidates to discreet interviews and assistance with the offer. Best of all, WASR was spot on in fitting our specific needs. We selected one of two candidates and could not be more pleased with the hire.” – V.P., Commercial Brokerage and Property Management Company