Fostering success within your healthcare practice

Warren Averett understands that the efficiency and profitability of physician practices play a vital role in the success of any hospital. Our established a Healthcare Consulting Group focuses on fostering success among the practices operating within your hospital network.

From seamless startup of a new practice to advising physicians on retirement, we offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of physicians and their practices. Working hand in hand with our healthcare facilities professionals, we provide the following solutions.

  • Create contractual relationships related to the medical practice
  • Obtain all provider numbers, DEA licenses, medical licenses
  • Complete credentialing applications
  • Recruit, interview and screen potential employees
  • Oversee the design and construction of an office space
  • Develop all forms and disclosure statements for the practice, including patient encounter forms and chart design
  • Establish a fee schedule for all office visits and procedure codes
  • Design procedures for effective billing and collection of fees
  • Prepare bank schedules and negotiate lines of credit
  • Prepare personal tax projection for the physician and establish necessary tax withholdings or estimated tax payment

By working with your company, our Healthcare Consulting Group will find ways to help you save money, financially structure your business, stay in compliance and plan for the future.

For more information on partnering with our team, contact us now.