Warren Averett, LLC is proud to be a member of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and a qualified third party vendor providing Assessment Readiness guidance and attestation services in connection with your implementation of the ALTA Best Practices framework.

The ALTA Best Practices framework was developed in 2013 to assist lenders in satisfying their responsibility to manage third party vendors. You cannot afford to lose clients because your organization was not CFPB compliant or not operating under the Best Practices framework. Although some lenders may allow “self-certification,” now that the framework has been implemented, a higher level of assurance is required by many lenders.

Warren Averett, a well-respected independent CPA Firm in the lending community, is an ideal group to provide such services. In April 2015, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) specifically addressed the role CPAs may play in providing such services to companies falling under the jurisdiction of CFPB Bulletin 2012-03.

Fortunately, the professionals at Warren Averett have been studying and following the development of the ALTA Best Practices for over a year-and-a-half and are ideally situated to can help your organization with its Best Practices by conducting an assessment readiness study of your business and ultimately performing either a review or examination engagement to meet the needs of your lender.

Click here to find a Warren Averett professional in your area who can schedule an initial meeting to discuss the best way to help you get started in securing your ALTA Certification.