Offering a wide range of assurance engagements

Assurance services are independent professional services that improve the quality of information or its context for decision makers. Warren Averett offers a range of assurance engagements including:


Audits are the evaluation of a subject matter with the purpose of expressing an opinion on whether that subject matter is presented fairly. Examples of the types of audits include financial statement audits, audits of internal control over financial reporting and compliance audits.

Compilations and reviews of financial statements

Reviews and compilations provide a lesser level of assurance than audits and are smaller in scope. Our compilation and review engagements emphasize providing negative or limited assurance, along with constructive advice and solutions.

Performance of agreed-upon procedures

There are situations where an individual or business does not require a compilation, review or audit. An agreed-upon procedures engagement is a limited scope engagement to perform specific procedures, report findings and enhance the credibility of information. Agreed-upon procedures are usually applied to historical financial information but can be applied to prospective or even nonfinancial information.