Strategic, coordinated and daily money management services 

Warren Averett offers families of private wealth, high net worth individuals, busy executives and retired executives, services including accounting and ‘back office’ support, tax services, tax planning and compliance, estate planning, investment performance reporting, and other routine financial services.

Our experienced professionals apply a strategic and coordinated approach to each client situation. They assemble a suite of services uniquely focused on a client’s needs and goals, saving the client time and relieving them of routine or complex responsibilities.  The services we offer are tailored for those who understand the opportunity costs associated with managing their own routine financial tasks. In addition, our professionals have high net worth and alternative investment industry experience; and they routinely work with both the family and their appointed advisors to effectively manage client affairs.

Clients are offered a wealth management website portal for ease of communication and reporting. Through this portal, confidential documents are shared in a completely secure manner.  Client documents and reports are stored and available in a personal client vault – a convenient solution to organizing personal financial documents for easy and secure access when you need them.

Our services run the gamut from personal and lifestyle management support to accounting and tax services and include:


  • Household bill and payroll tax payments
  • Personalized financial reporting, budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Assistance with major purchase financing arrangements
  • Bank account openings and loan and interest payment tracking
  • Reconciliation of bank and investment statements
  • Family Limited Partnership administration
  • Private foundation recordkeeping and coordination with organizations
  • Payroll services for domestic or small business employees

Risk management and personal services

  • Auto, property, life and liability insurance review and analysis
  • Long-range planning to meet strategic goals for income, gift and estate, retirement and charitable planning
  • Medical and/or legal needs oversight of an elderly relative or special needs child
  • Mail opening and evaluation


  • Performance reporting for all investment managers
  • Management of capital calls and distributions related to partners’ capital accounts
  • Meetings coordination with investment advisors
  • Work with second generation to develop their knowledge of investment, charitable and tax strategies

Tax services

  • Income tax preparation for the family and its entities
  • Completion of income tax organizer and filing of income tax returns and associated tax payments
  • Counsel on most tax efficient business structure
  • Back office support for start-up businesses

Estate planning

  • Trust and estate administration assistance and coordination with legal advisors
  • Organization of estate planning book with analysis of assets, tax calculation and beneficiary inheritance
  • Establishment and oversight of family charitable foundations
  • Review of your will and trust documents

Oversight and assistance

  • Review of credit card and checking account statements for unusual activity
  • Client Alerts for account activity fluctuations
  • Liaison between client and financial institutions, vendors, etc.
  • Paperless storage of all invoices received and expenses paid