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Warren Averett Workplace solutions range from just-in-time human capital interventions to on-going support for your HR and leadership team. Whether you are optimizing your talent management process, developing your next generation of leaders or you have a specific human resources project, we can help. Corporate clients benefit from our global experience and individual clients benefit from working with our diverse, experienced and customer focused consulting team.

Like a roadmap or training plan, assessments will help you pinpoint strengths and developmental areas for you and your team. Assessments often improve hiring processes, strengthen leadership programs and improve team dynamics.  We offer a full suite of assessment services coupled with coaching to help you select, grow and develop your employees.

Career Development
Warren Averett Workplace helps early, mid and late career clients achieve their goals. Career Development is an art and a science. Given the competitive nature of the employment market – inside and outside your organization – you will benefit from a career coach. The science of career development includes using an in depth knowledge of the employment market, assessments and proven tools to help you build a solid understanding of your goals, developmental needs and career plan. The art of career development is the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced coach dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Programs range from one-on-one coaching for leaders and individuals to corporate workshops and full service office support.

Career Transitions
One of the most difficult decisions an employer can make is to let go of employees. The  process is not only hard for the employee, but also the manager and the colleagues who remain with the company. Warren Averett Workplace provides personalized support for organizations faced with decisions about workforce reductions and alternatives, realignment or office closings.

We support both the organization and the impacted employees through the entire process. We help companies structure the notification, train management to deliver the news without complications, and we can be the support system the employee needs as he or she moves into the next phase of their career. We coach career transition participants in all industries and levels, offering a broad range of programs tailored to the individual needs of both client companies and participants.

We will help you facilitate your next meeting or strategy session. Having an outside facilitator frees up the business leader, participants and stakeholders so that they can engage fully in important activities, discussion and decision making. Whether you are implementing a new initiative, planning for the future or creating a powerful off-site meeting, we can help make your meeting better and help you achieve the results you want. 

Human Resources Projects
Our consulting team includes experienced HR practitioners with broad experience in all facets of HR. We invite you to tap into Warren Averett Workplace when you have a single project or on-going HR needs.

Leadership Development & Coaching
Some people are born leaders. If leadership is a priority for your firm, invest in your leaders and future leaders through focused attention. Whether you are augmenting your internal training resources or outsourcing leadership development to a trusted firm, we can help. We have coaches and curriculum development professionals skilled at customizing a program for you. Programs may include one-on-one coaching, performance development plans, classroom programs, e-learning and experiential, assignment based learning to help you succeed. We provide one-on-one, group and global solutions for leadership development. We tailor our approach to your needs and business and your culture. Services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Blended Learning
  • E-learning through SkillSoft
  • Manager as Coach Learning Series®
  • Organization & Mission Critical People Projects

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