You’ve achieved a level of financial security that deserves a customized plan and assistance from qualified professionals to support your future goals.

Our Firm professionals, including many who are Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) and Personal Financial Specialists (PFS), are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive financial planning services to entrepreneurs and other successful high net worth individuals and families. Each plan is customized based on the needs of each individual or family.

When reviewing your financial snapshot, we work to make sure it complements all aspects of your financial plan, including savings for child education, assets, investments, credit, insurance, estate planning and tax planning. We also offer direct financial bookkeeping and payment services. In these situations, we will coordinate with your banker, investment manager, insurance agent and attorney to make sure your financial plan is secure now, and in the future.

We have a depth of knowledge that runs deep across the many areas of financial consideration in your life, and our services include:

  • Tax return preparation and consulting
  • Retirement planning and plan selection
  • Asset preservation and protection services
  • Will development and assistance with powers of attorney
  • Trust creation
  • Individual and business accounting services, such as bill payment, check writing, automatic electronic payments
  • Accounting for financial resources, such as bank reconciliations and help executing financial transactions
  • Preparation of payroll and payroll tax returns for household staff
  • Trust and estate administration assistance

Risk management and personal services

  • Independent review and analysis of auto, property, life, disability and liability insurance
  • Long term care consultation
  • Long-range planning to meet strategic goals for income, gift and estate, retirement and charitable planning
  • Financial oversight of an elderly relative or special needs child
  • Mail opening and evaluation


  • Performance reporting for all investment managers
  • Management of capital calls and distributions related to partners’ capital accounts
  • Meeting coordination with investment advisors
  • Assist second generation to develop their knowledge of investment, charitable and tax strategies