Doesn’t your business deserve credit for your efforts to improve products and processes?  We think so.

Many businesses are under the assumption that they do not qualify for R&D credits. If you have invested time and money in developing new techniques, improving processes or innovating in other ways, it is worth investigating whether such expenditures are eligible for the credit.  Over $10 billion in state and federal R&D credits are claimed annually. Warren Averett’s R&D professionals are experts at identifying qualified activities and expenses across a range of industries, documenting the claim support and estimating the credit.

Not sure if your company qualifies for the R&D credit?  Your answers to these questions can help us determine if your company qualifies for the credit:

  • What products do you manufacture?
  • Do you spend time or money to develop new or improved products or processes?
  • Do you have any patented products?
  • Who carries the economic risk for the projects on which you work?
  • Do you have engineers on staff?
  • Do you employ independent contractors?
  • How are your contracts written?  Fixed-price or time and materials?
  • How do your employees track time invested on each project?

To find out if your company qualifies for these beneficial R&D credits, contact our professionals at 800.759.7857.