Warren Averett’s data analysis experts can provide opportunities for you to look at your company’s data from a new perspective and provide solutions to issues you may not even know exist. Data extraction can reorganize and/ or convert the information from a company’s accounting software into a more usable format. With our extraction and analysis experience, we can produce usable data and show your company what the numbers truly mean.

What services does our team offer your company?

  • Analytical assessment/data evaluation
  • Extraction of data activity
  • Reporting or recalculation
  • Data validation
  • 100% population testing
  • Transaction review for trends or unusual activities

What are the benefits?

  • Convert data to a more useful format to improve efficiencies in internal and external audits
  • Assist in fraud investigations (isolate and identify fraud amounts)
  • Analyze expenses for compliance with spending limits
  • Review trends or unusual occurrences
  • Ability to review and identify compliance with accounting policies and controls
  • Clarify questions related to company processes or procedures
  • Provide reporting for requested levels of company management

Client success story

During the audit of a manufacturing/wholesale company, Warren Averett used information from the client’s account receivable system to identify customers who had exceeded their credit limits. The client, unaware of these potential issues, contacted those individuals and recovered payments that were at risk (or may have been uncollectable).