Students who have participated in our accounting internships have a lot of great things to say about the experience. Here are a few samples: “During my internship, I had a great opportunity to apply the knowledge learned at school in a real-world accounting profession, which helped me obtain many valuable skills and boost my confidence while working side by side with some of the best CPAs in the profession. I could not be more pleased and excited to start my career with Warren Averett. Everyone is so welcoming, approachable and encouraging that no challenge seems impossible to overcome. The professional, friendly and family-like working environment makes you feel that you are the part of the company from day one.” – Laura Lohrasbi, intern (2013) Montgomery office “My internship at Warren Averett was a wonderful experience. I was provided with valuable resources that allowed me to expand my knowledge in the field of accounting. As I grow in this profession, I am confident that the experience I gained at Warrant Averett will continue to benefit me in my career. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.” – Jordan Baker, intern (2013) Huntsville “My internship at Warren Averett was extremely positive and provided me with a practical learning experience that will be valuable to me as I begin my career in tax accounting. I acquired a good understanding of the tax process by completing returns for many different entity types. I owe everything I learned during the internship to the staff, because they spent many hours of their own time helping me through situations.” – Daniel Reyer, intern (2013) Birmingham