“I honestly feel that everything I could imagine and more was covered during the two days I was there. I really enjoyed the discussion panel. Sometimes it was hard during the presentations to really think of questions on the spot. It was nice to have the opportunity to have some of those questions answered that we may have thought of after the fact. I also enjoyed the office tours and the one-on-one sessions with employees.” Chelsey Thomas, Student, USF

“The presenters were great I enjoyed how interactive it was.” Natalie Engelman UGA Student

“I think the DiSC evaluations are the coolest and most effective way of measuring communication styles that I have ever seen! And as always, great swag!” Kayla Goodenough USF Student

“I had a great time. Warren Averett is one of the best companies and I would love a chance to work for them.” Rebecca Alicea UT Student

“My favorite experience was the panel and the community service event because theySummboth gave us the opportunity to interact with employees and students in a different environment. I liked the panel because it allowed us to ask all the questions we hadn’t had a chance to ask earlier. The community service helped me talk to employees I had not had the chance to talk to, but it also allowed me to interact with some of the other students involved in the SLP (Summer Leadership Program). Everything seemed very well planned! The food was amazing. The meet and greet breakfast was a great way to start the day, the allotted time allowed us to start talking and getting to know the employees and students, which helped me feel more confident throughout the day.” Dulny Salazar FSU Student

“I really enjoyed the panel discussion and the casual lunch where we got to talk to pretty recent employees about what it was like to work for the Firm. I liked meeting people and seeing different perspectives of both tax and audit and the different options available. I really enjoyed it all and thought it was a great experience.” SLP attendee

“I enjoyed learning more about WA as well as about my personal leadership style. I also liked how the program was so personalized, from assigned tables at dinner to office tours grouped buts and audit. It overall was a great program.” SLP attendee

“I enjoyed meeting a lot of the people who work at WA. It was very nice to learn about what they do with the company and about their personal lives. The networking activity was my favorite part. Also, being able to interact with people from different schools across the Southeast was enjoyable.” SLP attendee