Montgomery Practice Roundtable

May 23, 2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CST

Montgomery Country Club
3001 Narrow Lane Road
Montgomery, AL 36106

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The drastic, and sometimes complex, changes in the healthcare industry have left many people wondering about the future of medicine. To successfully manage a physician practice, it is essential to remain up-to-date on the changing healthcare environment, exchange ideas with experienced peers and discuss feasible solutions to your daily challenges. For over 20 years, Warren Averett’s experienced healthcare professionals have facilitated open discussions centered on topics relevant to you.

Who participates?

Practice Managers & Administrators

What is the Cost?

Free for those who participate. Lunch will be provided

Registration Deadline:

One week prior to the event

Discussion Topics

Collections & Reimbursements

  • Best practices for collecting fees that are the patients’ responsibility
  • Why all diagnosis codes are necessary, best practices for entering them into a claim
  • The danger of too many unspecified codes, how to correct the problem
  • Physician coding patterns…who is watching and what should your practice do in anticipation of problems
  • How to address the double digit increases in health insurance premiums
  • Importance of proper EMR workflow and impact on value
  • Costs of care… what your claims tell carriers


  • Appropriate administrator bonus percentages, ways to design a formula for administrator incentive pay
  • What employee incentive bonus formula will increase practice profits

Practice Involvement

  •   Low-cost ways to improve employee morale
  • How to make your practice more accessible to patients who will not wait to schedule or see your physicians
  • Marketing your practice to millennials
  • Best practices to motivate and retain employees