Daily Money Management Services: Going Beyond What’s Required to Provide You With Peace of Mind

Written by Warren Averett and Brenda Hellums on April 5, 2018

Daily Money Management Services: Going Beyond What's Required to Provide You With Peace of Mind

Warren Averett Daily Money Management Services (DMMS) assists high-net-worth individuals with their personal financial affairs, including household bill payments and other routine financial and personal services, by customizing the approach to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. As part of our services, we diligently review our clients’ monthly credit card statements. Over time, our team becomes accustomed to our clients’ lifestyles, buying habits and credit card activities so much so that we can pinpoint areas of concern regarding our clients’ credit card purchases. To prevent fraud and other financial issues, we review every client’s invoice as if it were our own. We notice all changes in our clients’ purchasing habits and monthly bills; if the water bill is higher than it was the previous month, we look into the reasoning behind it. We ensure that the signatures on our clients’ bank statements match, analyze the amount of monthly cash withdrawals and review outgoing checks to protect our clients from any type of fraud.

In a recent case, our DMMS team identified peculiar transactions on one of our client’s credit card statements. Because our team was familiar with the client’s purchasing habits, we knew that these purchases were not made by our client. After investigating the matter further, we discovered that one of the client’s caregivers was using the card to make personal purchases while running errands for the client. The DMMS team immediately stepped in to handle the situation. We took care of dismissing the client’s caregiver, installing a new security system and changing the client’s locks. Without our team’s persistent and watchful eye, the client may not have noticed these charges for some time.

When it comes to your financial oversight, we don’t cut any corners. Whether you are a busy executive who can’t find the time to allocate to the daily oversight of your personal banking and investment accounts or you’re a senior adult who wishes to maintain an independent lifestyle, DMMS can provide tailored services to meet your needs and goals. Our DMMS team is more than a task-oriented service provider. We go beyond daily money management responsibilities to provide our clients with trusted financial services.

Brenda Hellums is the Director of Warren Averett’s Daily Money Management Services.

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