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Don’t Let Your Government Contracting Organization Trip on Compliance as You Race to the Finish Line

Written on August 8, 2019

It is the federal busy season, and your business is likely at or near full throttle. It’s important to close business, but not at the expense of potential costs in the future. This is no time to stop the weekly or monthly call to ensure that your GSA contract manager, for example, knows about your latest discounts and sales. Contract violations don’t happen when you increase your discounts. Violations happen when you increase discounts without making a corresponding change to your Schedule contract. It is also not the time to accept an invitation to partner with a person or organization you are unfamiliar with. It is important to vet your partners just as carefully as you choose your golf team for the next corporate event. Remind your sales team also, that despite their woeful record, free tickets to the Orioles game for your federal customer is a foul ball. Whether its government business, driving, or even your morning run, go too fast and you put yourself or your company at risk for getting hurt. There are times when it is important to avoid bad business. That’s especially true now when there is plenty of good business to be closed. You want the government to write you checks, you don’t want to have to write them back to the government. Make sure your compliance plan is up to date and fully incorporated into your usual business routines.

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