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Government Contracting News: Despite Numerous Projects, DOD Not Satisfied with Its Return On Cloud Investments

Written on November 4, 2019

DOD cloud activity needs attention and coordination if the agency is to realize the full potential of the technology, according to Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise Peter Ranks.  Speaking at the recent Professional Services Council Vision conference, Ranks went on to say that cloud-related projects take up the most amount of time but, to date, have yielded the least amount of satisfaction. Until recently, DOD has spent about a half a billion dollars per year on cloud, with success coming in only a few specific areas.  Simply awarding a contract won’t solve all of DOD’s cloud-related problems, Ranks said.  He and his colleagues want to get input from industry.  This is especially true in terms of companies that can help the agency get the most out of the investments they’ve already made.  Ranks asked, “What is the right way to build elements out from the cloud?”  How the agency can optimize its existing cloud infrastructure is also a topic of interest.  The most important factor for industry to keep in mind is speed of deployment.  How fast can DOD deploy and run cloud-based software solutions?  The company that can show DOD how to get more out of the cloud and get it fast may find a receptive audience in the agency’s CIO office.

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