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Government Contracting News: DOJ Creates Procurement Collusion Strikeforce

Written on November 11, 2019

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The Department of Justice is concerned that current methods to detect and punish fraud, waste and abuse in government contracting are not enough to ensure deterrence.  As such, they recently announced the creation of a Procurement Collusion Strikeforce. While there is no official word on who will be part of the Strikeforce, it will likely be a dedicated part of the DOJ Civil Division.  A key part of the Strikeforce’s work will be to analyze complaints received by the public.  In a formal Notice published in the October 24th Federal Register, DOJ is requesting approval from the Office of Management and Budget to approve the creation of a new form, The Procurement Collusion Strike Force (PCSF) complaint form.  The agency believes the new form will facilitate reporting by the public of “complaints, concerns, and tips regarding potential antitrust crimes affecting government procurement, grants, and program funding.”  The form is a clear indication that DOJ is seeking to more directly engage the public in overseeing government contract compliance.  Though the intent of the Strikeforce might be positive, the public form may seem a bit Orwellian.   Respondents will even be able to complete and submit information electronically through the PCSF complaint form on DOJ’s Antitrust Division’s website.  Contractors need to be aware of stepped up contract compliance enforcement, even if this “citizens on patrol” effort may not play as large a role as intended.  Comments on the Notice are due to OMB on December 23rdSee the link here for more.

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