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Government Contractors Ask: Federal Business Outside the Beltway? Yes!

Written on August 8, 2019

The Departments of Interior and Agriculture announced this month that they plan to move portions of their workforce out of Washington, D.C., and into locations closer to their clients. While the nation’s capital is still home to well over half a million federal employees–plus the contractors that support them–this is a good time to consider is the strength of your client relationships with federal offices located across the country and overseas. Aside from military bases, there are significant federal installations in major cities such as San Diego, Boston, New York and Atlanta. Even smaller locations, such as Huntsville, Alabama, have a large federal presence. We’ve run into clients and other contractors we know literally every time we’ve stayed at a certain Huntsville hotel. Focus too much on Washington, and your firm may miss out on substantial opportunities in places that may only be a two hour flight away. These federal spaces are often concentrated, making it easier to cover multiple prospects at once, and develop key relationships. The contact you have at one regional office today may jump to another federal agency in the same city, which could be a great opportunity to increase your reach. To be clear:  few companies have sizeable federal business while ignoring Washington outright. Sometimes you have to be where the decisions are made. Planning is important due to the vast size of the government, and the fact that it is becoming more spread out across the country.

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