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Government Contractors Need to Ensure Representatives Know About the Impact of New Rules on Their Business

Written on November 18, 2019

Commercial item and service contractors are about to be hit with a series of new rules that will increase the cost of doing government business for all and may be a deciding factor for others to leave the federal market entirely. Whether it’s paying for a third party to evaluate your cybersecurity structure, getting rid of equipment that may have a tie to a Chinese government-controlled company, or DOJ’s new program encouraging people who have no knowledge of procurement rules to find improprieties, the days of streamlined commercial acquisitions are numbered. Few elected officials understand the impact of these changes on companies located in their state or district. Unless your Congressional representative is from suburban Maryland or Virginia, your company should assume that your Congressman/Congresswoman and Senators are not certain if a bill they voted for could cost income and jobs in their district or state. It is incumbent upon government contractors to tell their story, either individually or collectively. If you can’t remember the last time your company called on its elected officials, or invited them for a tour of your operation, now is the time to fix that. Industry associations can also play an important role in ensuring the collective voice of their members is heard. Either way, your company provides good jobs, and taxes, in your state. Make sure your elected officials know what the added costs mean.

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