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GSA Seeks Collaboration/Partnership With Government Contracting Industry

Written on July 17, 2019

GSA Administrator, Emily Murphy, believes that the best way ahead for her agency is to work with industry partners to best serve their common federal agency customer. This has not always been GSA’s view of industry, so it is refreshing to hear Murphy say that innovation and good customer service are best achieved by working together with contractors. Murphy is taking a page out of the books of both people like NASA SEWP program manager Joann Woytek, and former GSA leaders Frank Pugliese and Bill Gormley. Contractors should definitely make the most of this opportunity. New ideas for both solutions and acquisition methods are on the table. Improved opportunities for discussion, like industry councils, could either be restarted or enhanced. Next year’s FAST conference is an example of an opportunity the government contracting industry should not miss.  Experience shows that GSA, and other agencies, develop better acquisitions and develop better acquisition outcomes when industry is part of the discussion. The stronger the foundation that can be built now, the better the long-term results will be in customer service and weathering future storms. Don’t wait to talk to GSA.

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