Natural Disasters Provide Acquisition Opportunities [Each Situation is Different for Government Contractors]

Written on September 9, 2019

When disasters like Hurricane Dorian and others hit, contractors and government agencies go into high gear to get critical supplies to where they’re needed.  Whether its basics like water or generators, temporary housing or even assisting in the processing of government aid forms, contractors are working side by side with federal agencies to help those in need beyond just fulfilling immediate needs.   Recovery from major storms takes many years.  Remember how long it took New Orleans to recover from Katrina?  Although each situation is different, there should be opportunities for contractors that can provide the goods and services rebuilding community need for some time.  Survivors from Hurricane Harvey in 2017 needed more housing-based assistance.  Glancing blows like Dorian may require more tactical needs, such as flood prevention or recovery, utility restoration or temporary drinking water.  There is good business to be had around disaster preparation and relief.  However, these initiatives are not just about business. Disaster preparation and relief opportunities are a time for contractors to show how much they value their relationships and the communities in which they live and do business.  Market research can assist in knowing where benefits are needed and whether the services and products you provide are a good fit for those recovering from disasters.  Your corporate messaging and volunteer work during crises will show a larger audience just what your company values and why customers would want to partner with you in the future.

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