3 of the Hardest “No’s” When It Comes to Your Personal Finances

Written by Brenda Hellums on July 10, 2018

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Have you found yourself financially overcommitted and unable to master the art of saying no? Maybe you’ve recently experienced a sudden uneasiness because you know that you have overextended yourself financially and you don’t know how to get out of the rut. Whether you are a parent who has overcommitted yourself to your children, a professional who is building a social status but is still plagued by student loans, or your story is a little different, saying no can be difficult. Knowing where to draw the line is crucial in order for you to rebuild your financial situation. But where and how do you start saying no?

Just as each person’s financial situation is different, so are the logistics of saying no and the process of rebuilding financial stability. Brenda Hellums and Warren Averett’s Daily Money Management Services (DMMS) Team can help you set budgets and boundaries to restore your financial security. Our team has successfully provided high-end restoration services to clients who have overcommitted themselves financially. We analyze your situation and work with you to offer customized solutions that fit your needs and circumstance.

Three Ways to Know if You Could Benefit From our Services

  1. You struggle to say no to family members or loved ones when asked to provide them with financial support.
  2. You are seeking guidance on how to properly manage your money and reduce unnecessary spending.
  3. You don’t have time to properly manage the burden of the daily oversight of your personal banking and investment accounts.

We don’t stop at preparing budgets and setting goals. We go the extra mile by taking care of every detail. We understand that people can overcommit themselves not only to loved ones, but also to their personal possessions, credit cards and the habits of unnecessary spending. Rest assured, our team handles the hard tasks for you. Whether that’s selling an extra home or vehicle, downsizing your house, eliminating extra credit cards, simplifying your spending habits or helping your loved ones become financially independent, we know just how to handle these situtations with you and your loved ones’ best interests in mind. We help you make the necessary decisions to get you where you want to be.

Our clients trust our services because they have seen first-hand how we have worked to restore their financial freedom and help them reach their goals. This isn’t an overnight strategy, and it’s better that way for everyone involved. Our solutions are implemented piece by piece, allowing you and your loved ones to adjust. With each step, and with each “no,” you will begin to see your bank account growing as we work to secure your financial future once again. We don’t stop until you are comfortably back on your feet.

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