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Top Three Items to Look for on Tax Free Weekend

Written on July 19, 2018

Over the next few weeks, select states are offering tax-free shopping — meaning you won’t pay sales tax on specific items — as parents prepare to send kids back to school and purchase items for the upcoming school year. Though each state’s list of tax-exempt items is different, most states include the essentials that you may be looking for as the fall academic semester begins. Here are the top three items to look for on your state’s tax-free weekend.

  1. School Supplies

Now is the time to stock up on paper, writing utensils and everything your child needs to complete assignments. Most schools publish lists of recommended supplies at the end of the summer, so it could be worth checking with your child’s school to see how you can access one. It may also be helpful to take other events that your child will need resources for, like science fairs, into consideration while school supplies are tax free. Parents, don’t forget to stock up on office or home supplies for yourself.

  1. Clothing

Just as it may be helpful to check with your child’s school about supplies, see if there are any uniform or dress code changes that may impact your selections. While many items of clothing will qualify as tax free, not all pieces do. Remember that athletic and sports wear, for instance may not be recognized as tax free by your state.

  1. Laptops

School work is increasingly moving online, so it may be a good investment to acquire a laptop or other technology for your child’s academic year.

Below are the tax holidays, as designated by state, followed by what items qualify for state tax exemption and the limits on each item. Lists of exceptions to the holiday may be lengthy and could change, so be sure to check your state’s department of revenue website before heading out to shop.

You’ll also want to note that certain items have a limit. For example, in Alabama, if an article of clothing exceeds $100, it doesn’t qualify for the tax exemption.

 Tax Free Dates and Items

*If your state is not listed, they are either not participating, or haven’t released tax free dates.


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