Why work with an executive coach?

Written on July 31, 2018

Executive coaching

Executive coaching offers beneficial resources and opportunities for professionals in executive roles and leadership positions to hone their skills and make the greatest impact within their professional positions. But what would that look like? How could it apply to you? Where would you even start?

Some of Warren Averett Workplace’s Career Partners International partners recently weighed in on why now might be the right time for you to work with an executive coach and provided tips and advice for how to take advantage of opportunities to partner with coaches.

You can read their full article, “Five Signs it’s the Perfect Time for Executive Coaching,” here.

Engaging an executive coach can be a true game-changer for a CEO or executive. In the article, Joan Caruso, Managing Director of New York CPI office says, “My guess is that if your CEO golfs, he or she has a golf pro, if they play tennis they have a tennis pro, so why not have a leadership pro in the form of an executive coach?”

Another CPI leader, Jose Augusto Minarelli, CEO of CPI International Brazil, acknowledges that “taking the leap into a new position in the C-suite requires a different set of skills than most have used in the past.” He goes on to explain that “as in sports, executives can improve their performance by having a coach. Coaches can lead executives to their state of excellence. Coaching helps professionals to enhance their self-awareness as well as to develop competencies that improve their performance and increase employability.”

Warren Averett’s Workplace division is a proud partner of Career Partners International, a leading provider of outplacement, career management, executive coaching and leadership development services across the world. CPI has more than 300 locations across the globe, including two Warren Averett Workplace locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Career Partners International has spent over thirty years providing world-class HR consulting services and helping organizations and executives reach success.

To learn more about the executive coaching services that we offer, or our other HR Consulting services, reach out to your Warren Averett advisor or Andrea Holyfield at andrea.holyfield@wa-workplace.com .

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