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Inside Scoop: Are You at Risk When Microsoft No Longer Provides Support for Windows 7?

Written on October 14, 2019

With technology, change is inevitable. This also holds true for your computer’s operating system.

Starting on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support and security updates for Windows 7. With this deadline rapidly approaching, users should start planning for what’s next.

What Does This Mean For You?

Although your computer will still run after January 14, Microsoft will no longer provide software updates and security updates, which makes a device that continues to run Windows 7 ineligible for technical support. If you continue to run your computer without security updates and patches, you will be more vulnerable to viruses, and your environment’s security will have higher risk.

Ensuring your systems are as secure as possible should be a top priority. Most data breaches occur in the mid- to small-business environment, and they are becoming more and more prevalent. Without vendor security updates available, your environment and information will be at a higher risk for a cyberattack.

What Are My Next Steps?

When the end of an operating system’s life is approaching, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

  1. Take inventory to see if any of your PCs and/or laptops are running Windows 7.
  2. If you identify any PCs or laptops running Windows 7, the next step will be to decide what actions you need to take.
    • One option is to upgrade your software to Windows 10, which is a supported version that will be eligible for security patches.
    • Since your current device may not have the minimum requirements to run Windows 10, another option would be to upgrade your devices to those that come with Windows 10 so you can take advantage of new Windows 10 features on devices that not only run faster, but also cost less to maintain.
  1. The programs running on your device also must also be reviewed for verification that they are compatible with the new operating system.

From assessing your options to implementing a new system, switching from one platform to another can be overwhelming. Having a trusted advisor on your side can help you weigh your options to determine what fits your needs the best.

An IT advisor can help you assess your needs and give guidance for ensuring your business is operating on a vendor-supported operating system. Warren Averett Technology Group is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has years of experience helping businesses and organizations like yours transition from one software platform to another.

Call our team today at 334.386.4800 or contact a technology expert to make sure your systems will not be causing unwanted risk come January 14, 2020.

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