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New Podcast Season Shares Stories of Businesses Navigating COVID-19

Written on June 24, 2020

The business world is different after COVID-19 came into our lives, and now, The Wrap is too.

The newest season of Warren Averett’s podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of how businesses of varying sizes, industries and missions have responded and adapted in the face of a global pandemic. In this new season, Coronavirus and Community: Tales of Transformation from Local Businesses, our podcast hosts, Kim Hartsock and Paul Perry connect with business leaders and owners to learn how they are weathering the storm of the novel coronavirus, what challenges they’ve faced, what solutions they’ve forged and what other companies can glean from their experiences.

Listen to the newly released Episode One, Coronavirus and Community: Cahaba Cycles, now.

Companies to be featured in the upcoming episodes of The Wrap this season represent the nonprofit industry, retail industry, restaurant industry, medical industry and more.

“The Wrap is all about helping individuals get the information and insight they need to be even better business leaders for their companies,” says Kim Hartsock, one of the podcast’s hosts. “With the challenges COVID-19 has brought, no two businesses have reacted in the same way. That’s why we are excited to feature unique voices and perspectives from companies across the Southeast in this season of the podcast—so businesses can hear first-hand about the experiences of their peers, access commentary from our advisors and be informed to make the best decisions about their own business moving forward.”

Warren Averett first introduced its podcast in 2019, and Coronavirus and Community: Tales of  Transformation from Local Businesses will be The Wrap’s fourth season, preceded by Business Advice Amid COVID-19, which was produced to offer timely information as businesses first began reacting to the new coronavirus climate earlier this year.

The Wrap is available online here, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and everywhere else podcasts live. To never miss an update about new releases from The Wrap, subscribe here.

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