Warren Averett Announces Promotions

Written on August 22, 2016

Warren Averett is pleased to announce firm-wide promotions. The Firm promoted 35 employees, including manager, senior managers and principals. See below for a full list of employee promotions, sorted by office. Congratulations to all!


Brett Key, Manager

Kayla Phillips, CPA, Manager



Jessica Story, CPA, Manager

Bo Harris, Manager

Anne Dunn, CPA, Senior Manager

Nicole Entinger, CPA, Principal



Jack Adams, Manager

Grant Cardwell, CPA, Senior Manager

Trey Woodruff, Senior Manager

Michael Dillon, CPA, Manager

Scott Forster, CPA, Manager

Hal Senn, CPA, Manager

Chris Newman, CPA, Senior Manager

Miko Kulovitz, Manager

Adam West, CPA, Manager

Chris Reyer, CPA, Senior Manager

Reed King, CPA, Senior Manager

Debbie Hamner, CPA, Principal

Kevin Wang, CPA, Senior Manager

Jonathan Futrell, CPA, Manager


Valerie Eberlein, CPA, Manager

Cian Harrison, CPA, Senior Manager


Fort Walton Beach:

Ross Leblanc, CPA, Senior Manager



Mark Abernathy, CPA, Manager



Adam Himel, CPA, Manager

Jennifer Burton, CPA, Principal

Mary Wiggins, Principal

Amy Hulsey, CPA, Manager



Joseph McNair, CPA, Senior Manager

Claire Haenszel, CPA, Manager

Skye Hensley, CPA, Principal



Mary Bright, CPA, Manager

Allie Martin, CPA, Manager

Jennifer Pemble, CPA, Manager


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