Warren Averett Launches New Financial Planning and Investment Solution

Written on March 9, 2016

Warren Averett announces Emerant Wealth, a new fee-only, holistic financial planning solution for the emerging affluent, the retiree and the professional. Emerant Wealth was created by Warren Averett Asset Management and will benefit from their resources, processes and dedication to clients. “We were consistently seeing the need for a true financial planning and investment solution for the emerging wealthy and retirees,” said Josh Reidinger, President of Warren Averett Asset Management. “Emerant Wealth offers a more personalized solution than the trendy robo-advisor, where we can help translate long term goals into clear financial direction.” Emerant Wealth is an SEC registered investment advisor headquartered in Birmingham, Ala, and serves markets across the Southeast including Atlanta, Huntsville, Montgomery, Pensacola and Tampa. While Warren Averett Asset Management serves clients with investable assets in excess of $1 million, Emerant Wealth’s mission is to protect and propel wealth focusing on the emerging wealthy. Learn more at our new website, www.emerantwealth.com.

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