Warren Averett Workplace Consulting Manager featured on Two Therapists and a Microphone.

Written by Warren Averett on August 2, 2018

Warren Averett Workplace Consulting Manager Andrea Holyfield was recently interviewed on the radio show Two Therapists and a Microphone. On the show, Andrea was interviewed alongside Career and College-Access Counselor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Krystle Dorsey, about youth underemployment, why it is such a struggle to find a job and tips for navigating the career landscape.

“There are multifaceted issues why individuals are struggling on the career landscape,” said Andrea in the interview. Issues range from society’s poor job of equipping young people with career knowledge, or a lack of focus on experiential education and exposing students to different types of jobs. However, as Andrea points out early in the interview, “we can start very early in an individual’s career before we even get to school.”

Andrea and Krystle also delved into the differences of unemployment and underemployment. Underemployment is something often overlooked, but it can be equally as devastating as the being. They also discussed issues regarding earning marketable degrees, accessibility and exposure to career planning and creating a job search strategy. One key point that Andrea and Krystal both emphasize is building your professional network.

“Something we that often overlook is how important that network is,” said Andrea. “I know so many of my peers that had an uncle or a friend or a neighbor that could get them an internship or get them a summer opportunity and they had geology degrees and sociology degrees and they were working in these corporate environments, and once you have that door open, it’s yours to run with.”

You can listen to the full interview, titled “Finding a Job: The Struggle is Real,” here: https://www.twotherapists.com/podcasts/.

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