Workplace Insider’s Circle: Because You Need a Partner Outside of Work

Written by Warren Averett on September 5, 2018

Warren Averett Workplace, a CPI partner and the career development division of Warren Averett, is proud to announce a new initiative, Workplace Insider’s Circle (WIC). Starting on September 13th and meeting on the second and fourth Thursday of each month WIC is an intimate support circle for senior level HR professionals in the Atlanta area who are navigating a career transition.

“Human Resources professionals stand with their organizations to make sure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity when a business requires a change,” said Andrea Holyfield, Consulting Manager at Warren Averett Workplace. “We wanted to provide a space where these professionals could receive that same support as they navigate their own transitions.”

WIC is currently an invitation only resource circle and is designed for senior level professionals across all areas of the Human Resources field. Each week, participants in WIC will be treated to refreshments and, more importantly, will receive group coaching, have the opportunity to network and be introduced to a new resource to support them with their search. Holyfield will lead group discussion on topics relevant to HR professionals and career growth. This is the perfect setting for anyone experiencing or contemplating a career transition.

“We’re offering this free resource because we value the profession,” Andrea said. “We realize that the people we work with every day sometimes need help, and we’re here to be that resource.”

Warren Averett Workplace, and our team of top-notch coaches, have diverse industry background and experience, and our goal is to help our clients see results quickly. We have the experience to help you navigate the career search process. As a proud member of Career Partners International, we provide high-quality professional development solutions and services locally and globally. Career Partners International has over 300 offices in more than 45 countries.

For more information about WIC or Warren Averett Workplace, contact Andrea Holyfield, Consulting Manager at Andrea.Holyfield@wa-workplace. You can also reach us by calling 770.393.6440.

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