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Whether you are seeking a benefit plan solution or growing your talent, Warren Averett is prepared to become your trusted advisor.

Warren Averett recognizes that many businesses lack the resources, workload and effort to justify the cost that goes into hiring, training and retaining their staff. Such companies need human resource solutions that supply them with the skills and expertise they need on a flexible basis. That’s where we step in.

Our staffing and recruiting professionals will assist your business in finding that hard to reach talent. Then, our talent management professionals can assist in retaining and supporting your workforce by providing high-level consultation and support. From our all-encompassing 401k complete retirement planning to leadership training, benefit plan services and compensation planning, you can feel confident that you have the HR support you need.

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Client Successes

Line level employee was moving into a management role – gradual process. By taking advantage of assessments and additional training, she improved her confidence and was able to make an immediate contribution.

When I departed from my 29-year-old career last December, made Atlanta my new home-base this January and got married in March, I was unsure what to expect of this new chapter in my life.  Fortunately, my first encounter in this city was Warren Averett Workplace, where I found a group of great professionals who provided me with valuable guidance and genuine care.  Thank you for helping me find clarity with my next steps, for providing a supportive and invigorating network, for educating me in the world of LinkedIn and recruiters but more importantly for always making me feel welcomed.


Using our New Horizons Active Retirement Planning, this successful client realized that he was on the right path. It involved reconnecting to family, music and outdoor activities while building a consulting business.

It was really a pleasure working with my coach and the team. Being laid off can be scary, however, my coach was very warm, professional, graceful, intuitive and attentive. I appreciate all of the help that was provided and was blessed with a job. Thank you for everything that was done on my behalf.

Foodservice Leader

I found Workplace responsive and willing to work as a unified team to meet the goals agreed to.

Manufacturing Executive

I didn’t need a lot of coaching on my resume, networking, LinkedIn, etc. What I really needed was a strong coach to help me set goals and provide guidance along the way. That’s exactly what I got with my coach. She’s a gem! I hope that I never need services like this again, but if I do, she is the person that I will call!

Insurance Executive

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