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It’s not about being good, it’s about being better – Warren Averett Workplace helps clients build better careers and better results.

Whether you are early, mid or late career, we can help. Career development is an art and a science. Given the competitive nature of the employment market – inside and outside your organization – you will benefit from having a career coach. The science of career development includes using an in-depth knowledge of the employment market, assessments and proven tools to help you build a solid understanding of your goals, developmental needs and career plan. The art of career development is the opportunity to work with an experienced coach dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Programs range from one-on-one coaching for leaders and individuals to corporate workshops and full-service office support.



Warren Averett Workplace has corporate career development programs and development programs for individuals. As an example, a company may choose to put a program in place that all employees have access to. We can help design it and staff and provide on-line resources to make this program world class. Employees value training and the investment employers put into them. The benefits of these programs are increased company awareness, engagement and improved succession planning.

When an individual initiates a career development plan engagement, he may be paying for this service on his own outside of what is available through his company. He believes he needs outside coaching to help him achieve his goals and advance his career.

Not exactly. Your career development program may include you getting or reconnecting with a mentor, sponsor or other person to advice you formally or informally. The career development plan is the over-arching system. A career development program may include assessment, one-on-one coaching and group experiences.

Warren Averett Workplace has coaches with diverse work and coaching credentials. Coach education and training is also varied. Most coaches have Masters Degrees or Ph.Ds. All have a commitment to client success and track record of supportive, results focused coaching. We value diversity and see the advantage of having an assigned coach with access to other career development tools.

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Client Successes

Mid-level manager moved into a new role in a new industry. Used his coaching to help assimilate into the organization. He wanted help with company culture and ways to handle new relationships. He is successful in his new role and has advanced since his coaching.

Line level employee was moving into a management role – gradual process. By taking advantage of assessments and additional training, she improved her confidence and was able to make an immediate contribution.

Using our New Horizons Active Retirement Planning, this successful client realized that he was on the right path. It involved reconnecting to family, music and outdoor activities while building a consulting business.