Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Testing

A vulnerability test, or vulnerability assessment, is an analysis to review a company’s internal and external network environment. During the test our professionals look for vulnerabilities, or weaknesses, in the organization’s infrastructure through which a cybercriminal could gain access. These assessments will identify what may be at risk and if any further action needs to be taken to harden the environment.

Penetration Testing

While a vulnerability test searches for vulnerabilities in a system, a penetration test attempts to identify weaknesses in an environment. Our Certified Ethical Hackers look for ways to infiltrate your infrastructure as if they were a cybercriminal. If they are able to get in, so can hackers. Tests are run on software and devices within your system to inspect databases, and to search for malicious intrusions, such as adware and spyware. Tests are also performed on various data security measures, including firewalls, anti-virus tools, patches, internal controls, remote access and more.

Web Application Security Testing

What is a web app? A web application is software that runs on a remote server so it does not have to be installed. Some examples of web apps include Google Docs, Mailchimp, Hubspot and Facebook, but there are many more that your organization is most likely using. Web applications are at risk to cyberattacks and could impact the security of your data. Our team can help you identify which web apps should be assessed for security.

Awareness Testing

Two thirds of all breaches are accidental and could be prevented with solid controls and constant education. Warren Averett offers security awareness training to companies of all sizes. From developing policies to educating your employees, our experienced staff can help ensure your data is safe.

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