International Tax

Today’s businesses now operate on an expanding scale within the global market. As businesses seek to enter new markets, implementing a tax-efficient structure to navigate the financial and operational arrangements of global tax systems becomes increasingly complex.

Our international tax professionals assist clients with the intricate strategies that not only help them observe the letter of the law but also maximize their bottom lines and tax savings. Whether you are entering the international business arena for the first time or building upon an existing global enterprise, Warren Averett is the best choice for cross-border compliance, consulting and tax services.

Transfers of goods between two related companies must be made at market price. Warren Averett’s international tax team helps businesses analyze intercompany pricing, identify planning opportunities and perform transfer pricing studies to help companies avoid penalties.

The Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) is the only tax incentive for U.S. businesses that export goods or services. Warren Averett’s international tax team works with businesses to identify all gross receipts that qualify for IC-DISC benefits, quantify maximum tax savings, collaborate with attorneys to create the IC-DISC and prepare annual income tax returns.  Our services identify all qualifying foreign trade gross receipts to maximize tax savings.

Businesses that operate internationally face daily legislative and regulatory issues. Warren Averett’s International Tax Desk boasts professionals who are up to date on regulatory matters both in the U.S. and internationally, and it presents a unified and informative resource to our clients. Our team has the resources and experience to help you navigate your international efforts while providing strategies to increase your tax savings potential.

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