R&D Tax Credits

Our team of R&D professionals are able to identify opportunities and activities to help qualify your business for research and development tax credits.

Many businesses are under the assumption that they do not qualify for R&D credits. If you have invested time and money in developing new techniques, improving processes or innovating in other ways, it is worth investigating whether such expenditures are eligible for the credit. Over $10 billion in state and federal R&D credits are claimed annually. Warren Averett’s R&D professionals are experts at identifying qualified activities and expenses across a range of industries, documenting the claim support and estimating the credit.

  • What products do you manufacture?
  • Do you spend time or money to develop new or improved products or processes?
  • Do you have any patented products?
  • Who carries the economic risk for the projects on which you work?
  • Do you have engineers on staff?
  • Do you employ independent contractors?
  • How are your contracts written? Fixed-price or time and materials?
  • How do your employees track time invested on each project?

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