Emily Jones Featured in Medical Economics’ Article

Written on July 12, 2022

Emily Jones, PMP, CABM, MCITP, of the firm’s Montgomery Warren Averett Technology Group office was recently featured in Medical Economics’ article, Cybersecurity: How Medical Practices Can Protect Patient Data from Hackers.

Medical Economics helps physicians achieve success in their practices by providing nonclinical education. Their periodicals and website provide expert advice that help doctors successfully meet today’s challenges in practice management, patient relations and more.

The article discussed the best steps that medical practices can take to protect themselves and their patients from cyber attacks and hackers. Some of these steps include performing a security risk assessment, investing in staff training, creating a password policy and separating the guest Wi-Fi and medical practice’s networks.

When asked about why even small businesses are not exempt as targets, Jones said, “Small medical practices are low-hanging fruit for hackers because they haven’t typically tightened down their cyber environment. You’re never going to get a risk of zero, but there are measures you can put in place to protect yourself and your patients.”

Throughout the piece, Jones emphasized that it is important to treat employees as the first line of defense. She suggested that through the creation of a password policy, the configuration of the firewall and the separation of the Wi-Fi networks, physicians will be able to strengthen their practice’s cybersecurity and mitigate future cyber attacks.

Emily Jones has more than 30 years of experience and serves as the Practice Leader and Director of Operations for Warren Averett Technology Group. She is responsible for evaluating and implementing efficient, effective and scalable processes that support customer satisfaction, company profitability and mitigate company risk. Jones possesses a varied skill set outside of business management and enjoys public speaking, consulting and project management.

Warren Averett Technology Group offers a variety of IT services including compliance and assessments, cybersecurity, IT remediation services, business software, system infrastructure, IT staffing and technical support. The services that Warren Averett Technology Group offers provide peace of mind and protection so that their clients stay focused on what’s important to them.

Read the full article in Medical Economics.

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