Other HR Consulting Needs

Employee Handbook Review and Development

Our experts review your employee handbook and provide you an actionable report. The employee handbook review process begins by reviewing your existing handbook to identify policies that are needed to bring you into compliance with federal, state, and local changes in laws. Updates are recommended to provide additional protection or to improve policy effectiveness while also providing layout and formatting changes to make it easier for employees to find the answers to their questions.  Template Employee Handbooks can also be provided for companies to develop their own product.

Mergers and Acquisitions

HR Consulting can assist employers with the transition following the announcement of a merger or acquisition deal. One way we help is to provide an experienced human resources consultant to manage the work flow, timeline, employee relations, transition of work, and communication.  HR consulting can work with your internal team to coordinate workflow with the buyer and/or seller with staffing, compensation, benefits, and outplacement services through career partners.


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