Value Creation

Value Creation

Smart planners understand that even the best-laid plans must evolve. Value creation must be an ongoing strategy rooted in execution that changes while expanding options. This approach means you can transition the business on your terms—when you are ready. Important decisions are best made proactively, not reactively. Diligent preparation and strategic planning are key to value creation in business and a successful exit.

Our value creation advisors help you discover business valuation and assess personal financial business to formulate a prioritized action plan. Then we guide you through the preparation and risk assessment necessary to make an informed decision about company growth or exiting. Well in advance of when a transaction may occur, we work with the business owners and its stakeholders to develop strategies that will optimize value and help prepare them for a transaction, both personally and professionally. We take a holistic approach that includes assessing and improving the business, considering the business owners’ “next chapter,” and preserving wealth.

Our primary objective as value creation specialists is to help you understand the drivers of value in your business and work to pull those levers to increase the financial health of the business. We recognize that decisions made based upon the business value have far-reaching effects. Many times, a majority of a person’s wealth is tied up in their business, but few understand the true value creation model. Success means defining high-level goals, creating value in business and ensuring strategic readiness.

Warren Averett provides value creation consulting for business owners, Boards of Directors, and C-suite executives or management teams in a wide variety of situations. We are particularly suited to assist with a strategy to grow value while expanding options so that you can successfully transition—when it is optimal and on your own terms. We specialize in aligning your business, personal, and financial needs.

While every situation is unique, we can respond quickly and decisively by developing and implementing strategies to bring order and objectivity to a challenging situation. See below for common situations and specific instances that require value creation consulting:

Target Situations:

  • Transfers/sales of business, mergers and acquisitions
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Succession planning, buy/sell agreements, and shareholder matters
  • Marital dissolution
  • Employee Stock Options Plans (ESOPs)
  • Corporate tax planning, including S-Corp conversions
  • Financial reporting, including purchase price allocations and goodwill impairment
  • Stock option, preferred stock, restricted stock and compensation valuations
  • Business and operations planning
  • Litigation support and forensic accounting
  • Troubled commercial or industrial businesses
  • Distressed real estate investments
  • Exit stage ventures

Specific Instances:

Here are a few examples outlining when our services could benefit your company:

  • You need to elect someone to lead your company after you step down
  • You need to define clearly your company’s position in the market
  • You are determining whether to sell, dissolve or transfer the business to family members (or a nonfamily successor)
  • You are considering how to divvy up business interests, allocate value and tackle complex tax issues

Value Factors: A Look at Your Company Through the Eyes of a Buyer

Sophisticated business buyers consider a number of factors in their evaluation of a company. See 54 important factors that buyers consider in determining the value of a particular company.

Our Services Overview

Value Creation Services

Value creation consulting addresses the most effective ways to maximize the value of your business. These services include an in-depth examination of your strategy, business operations, legal issues and finances.

Our value creation specialists can help your company enhance value to maximize returns, define your position in the market, understand your quality of earnings, organize and strengthen your records, solidify strategic future relationships, and perform a complementary personal financial plan. Our experts can also demonstrate ways to prevent earnings management and guide you through what’s most important to understand on the sell-side of a quality of earnings report, the quality of earnings ratio and quality of earnings formula.

In short, we can show you exactly what your business is worth and show you how to optimize its value.

Throughout the process, our experts use several methods to assist with value creation in business, including:

  • Determining your high-level goals
  • Aligning your professional and personal goals
  • Performing a value gap analysis
  • Pinpointing business value
  • Educating about value creation
  • Establishing benchmarks
  • Analyzing shareholder readiness
  • Creating shareholder strategies
  • Determining your business readiness score
  • Reviewing financial health and forecasts
  • Implementing company-wide accountability systems
  • Examining risks

Our value creation consulting focuses on the creation of a strategic plan. Using our proven approaches, we help you analyze value indicators and benchmarks, strengthen business operations to maximize value, ensure all business legal issues are air-tight, and optimize all business financial practices to ensure readiness.
Value Creation Services

Exit Strategy Consulting

Our exit strategy consulting focuses on aligning the sale of your business with your personal financial goals. Using our proven approaches to understand value creation in business, the primary objective in any exit strategy is to assist you with deciding what priorities, investments, time and resources look like post-transaction. This is done through planning your financial strategy early and objectively considering your risk. We help you become aware of all potential risks so that you can make smarter decisions. Important to remember in any exit is to take ample time to plan ahead—many business owners spend years preparing for a transaction.

We take your strategy a step further by developing a transition plan with your finance team, examining your philanthropic values and creating the kind of trust that comes with a long-term relationship. Warren Averett can also help you know what to expect after a sale. Being emotionally, financially and strategically ready are all key to a smooth transition.

Exit Strategy Consulting

Succession Planning Services

Succession planning services assist with the decision of whether to sell, dissolve or transfer the business to family members (or a non-family successor).

Choosing someone to lead your company after you step down requires a clearly defined strategy, which takes into account how to divvy up business interests, allocate value and tackle complex tax issues. Determining a successor may be one of the hardest—and most important—business decisions you have to make. We advise clients on how to make this choice, taking into consideration how to divide business interests and navigate complicated tax issues.

Valuation experts also can help you put a number on various factors that will affect your company’s value.

Succession Planning

Estate Planning and Risk Management

It’s important to recognize the difference between succession planning and estate planning. Our advisors help walk you through the distinction to ensure that the succession plan is clear and the estate plan is well-documented. Both plans should be compatible and approached as a joint effort in order to avoid the most common mistakes that can jeopardize your goals.

Estate planning and succession planning must go hand in hand. Our experts can help you delineate between these two and ensure that you avoid the most common mistakes that can jeopardize your goals.

Strategic solutions are provided in conjunction with other services as needed to address each situation.

These services include:

  • Assessing the kinds of risks that can determine next moves
  • Comprehensive financial planning and wealth management plans
  • Guidance in making charitable gifts

Estate Planning

Meet Our Value Creation Team

Learn more about our team members’ expertise, insights and how we can help you. We thrive on helping our customers realize value creation in business.

Our Advisors

Our advisors specialize in supporting clients in all phases of value creation and business life cycles. By guiding you toward strategies to proactively build value within your business, we help ensure your decisions are made to prepare for the future by looking at your company through the eyes of a buyer. By staying on top of industry market factors, legal and regulatory requirements and the economic climate, we can help you determine when to keep your business and when to sell it, protecting your future financial security.

We advise a wide variety of clients, including private equity, and closely held and public companies.

Our Approach

Strategic execution of a well-designed value creation plan is the most critical step toward achieving a successful transition. While there is no one-size-fits-all plan for transitioning, our value creation specialists have developed time-tested methods, with a straightforward and effective approach. We recognize that each client is different and deserves a plan that considers every aspect of their unique situation to prepare well in advance for value creation in business.

Successful Solutions

Do you know what your business is worth? Will you be ready when it’s time to make a transition?

While our competitors might enlist contractors to assist with value creation and exit strategy planning, our corporate specialists, backed by the expert resources within Warren Averett, are one of the most qualified groups in the Southeast.

At Warren Averett we strive to maximize the value of your business and ensure that the sale or transition of your business aligns with your personal financial goals. Strategic succession planning paves a way for all stakeholders and long-term relationships within your company to move forward with confidence. While the road to transitioning a company can be daunting, our solid history of success with many companies is evidence that we can help you realize the best options available to you.

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