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warren averett workplace logoWarren Averett Workplace HR solutions range from just-in-time human capital interventions to on-going support for your HR and leadership team.

Whether you are optimizing your talent management process, developing your next generation of leaders or you have a specific human resources project, we can help. Corporate clients benefit from our global experience and individual clients benefit from working with our diverse, experienced and customer-focused consulting team. Warren Averett Workplace is proud to be ranked in the top three percent for our Net Promoter Score and client satisfaction out of 300 global Career Partners International (CPI) Firms. Warren Averett Workplace helps develop leaders and offers a full array of assessments, technology and value-added human resource solutions for local and global companies.

career partners international logoWarren Averett Workplace is the Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA office for Career Partners International. Through our ownership in Career Partners International (, Warren Averett Workplace supports clients through experienced consultants in 270 offices in 45 countries. We provide services for local, national and international firms in a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit and information technology.

Founded in 1987, Career Partners International is a leading provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services from more than 300 offices in over 45 countries. Employers around the world trust Career Partners International’s local market experts to provide the best possible outcomes for employees across Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.



Technology can save you time, money and aggravation. Fifty-eight percent of companies are trying to figure out how to improve the hiring process (think candidate experience), reduce paperwork and stop duplicate entry of employee data. Payroll is just one piece of the employment puzzle. Explore ways you can post jobs, track candidates and onboard them in one easy solution. For more about Warren Averett’s HR Complete Product, click here.

The question is why wouldn’t you do it? It is in everybody’s best interest for laid-off employees to move forward in a new job or a satisfying retirement quickly. Warren Averett Workplace … Career Partners International ( can tailor coaching and career transition support for you and your organization. Career Transition support protects your reputation in the community and your relationship with employees you sever. Past employees can become referral sources and clients. This also sends a positive message to the employees you have retained. Help employees get new jobs and move forward, and you will benefit. Our clients find jobs 40% faster than the national average. Our corporate clients say that this is a small price to pay for doing the right thing in a challenging time.

Every company is different. Problems and opportunities range from optimizing people processes to vetting vendors. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk through a people related problem. We are all ears for big and small problems. We’ve helped with assessments and selection of key employees to paving the way for leaders to succeed. Our approach to the HR side of your business starts with understanding your business so we can help you turn HR problems into opportunities for success.

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Client Successes

Mid-level manager moved into a new role in a new industry. Used his coaching to help assimilate into the organization. He wanted help with company culture and ways to handle new relationships. He is successful in his new role and has advanced since his coaching.

An association held its annual board meeting and conference together. The leadership team, made up of volunteers, selected Warren Averett Workplace to help them regroup and address issues facing their industry and organization in a highly interactive, forward thinking session.

Line level employee was moving into a management role – gradual process. By taking advantage of assessments and additional training, she improved her confidence and was able to make an immediate contribution.

Using our New Horizons Active Retirement Planning, this successful client realized that he was on the right path. It involved reconnecting to family, music and outdoor activities while building a consulting business.

It was really a pleasure working with my coach and the team. Being laid off can be scary, however, my coach was very warm, professional, graceful, intuitive and attentive. I appreciate all of the help that was provided and was blessed with a job. Thank you for everything that was done on my behalf.

Foodservice Leader

I found Workplace responsive and willing to work as a unified team to meet the goals agreed to.

Manufacturing Executive