Estate Planning

Warren Averett’s Estate Planning advisors provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to your family’s estate planning needs.

Our estate planning specialists are here to help you identify and clarify your estate planning goals, and make sure they align with your current estate plan. We begin by gaining an understanding of your family and business dynamics, finances and lifestyle, and listen carefully to your desired family legacy and the intent of your estate.

After your current personal and professional situations have been reviewed, we will develop strategies using our personalized approach to fulfill your needs and balance competing personal and financial goals.

From there, we will review your existing estate planning documents and coordinate with your third-party advisors to ensure any changes to your plan are implemented.

Our Personalized Approach

Expertise and Strength

We have a dedicated group focused exclusively on the specialized area of estates and trusts. With the combined experience of more than 100 years, our trusted advisors include credentialed professionals with CPA, J.D. and AEP designations.

Personalized Estate Planning Strategies

Our experts will analyze your financial position, gain an understanding of your family and business dynamics, review your existing will and trust documents and then listen carefully to your desired family legacy and the intent of your estate. Then, we will develop and evaluate strategies to fulfill your needs by balancing competing personal and financial goals.

Estate Plan Implementation and Monitoring

Implementing an estate plan, or changes to one, can take time and may require the involvement of various advisors. If you have an existing team, we will work closely with them to help coordinate the process of implementing your estate plan. Our estate planners can also assist you with the selection of an attorney to draft documents, the transfer or retitling of assets, gifting programs or the purchasing of insurance. Most importantly, we will continue to monitor changes in your family’s health, business and other life situations to assess the continuing validity of your estate plan and its relevance under the law.

Coordinating with Your Existing Estate Planning Team

We work closely with third-party advisors—attorneys, financial or investment advisors, insurance agents, bank trust officers and others as needed—to ensure proper implementation of your estate and financial plans. We happily collaborate with you and your stakeholders so that your plans are executed in your best interests, and we help prepare you and your family to adapt to life changes.

Our estate planning team specializes in the services listed below; however, if you have a need outside of our core service areas, please let us know.

Estate Planning Services:

As part of our comprehensive and personalized approach, we will review your existing will and trust documents and your family’s assets, while collaborating with you and your estate planning team, to ensure that your plan is executed with your desired legacy in mind.

After identifying your goals and reviewing your current personal and professional situations, we will evaluate and develop strategies to balance any competing personal and financial goals and fulfill your estate planning needs.

If you are looking to achieve a long-term legacy in a family business, succession planning is key. We listen carefully to your desired family legacy and the intent of your estate to ensure your succession plan aligns with your goals. We will also analyze your current business structure and help to develop a succession strategy for passing control of your business to the next generation. All while ensuring that the value of your share in the business is realized by your estate beneficiaries.

Our specialists will determine the ability of your estate to pay taxes and other costs that arise after your death and work with you to plan accordingly. In the event of your death, we work with our Estate & Trust tax specialists to ensure compliant preparation of your estate tax returns.

Life insurance isn’t something to purchase and forget about, as this can lead to insufficient coverage, paying too much for coverage, or even familial discord when beneficiary designations are not up to date. Our advisors will review your coverage and suggest changes to help avoid these possible situations.

Our client-focused administrative team can provide recordkeeping and payment services to alleviate the burden of maintaining and paying your life insurance premiums.

Our estate planning team will help you develop and implement a charitable giving strategy that makes the most sense for you and the legacy you want to leave behind. In addition to charitable giving, our team can strategize and plan for ways to reduce your estate and future estate taxes through things like systematic gifting.

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