Financial Services and Accounting for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

As one of the Southeast’s largest providers of business consulting and accounting for manufacturing and distribution companies, Warren Averett understands the pressure within the industry to manage production, operate efficiently and compete in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


Warren Averett’s accountants provide inventory management consulting services, business process improvement methods, enterprise resource planning, HR solutions and more.


In today’s environment, your manufacturing CPA must take a wide and deep view of every aspect of your business, as well as your internal controls for accounting and safeguarding your assets. Our advisors have a strong grasp of your market—and the ability to provide additional value.


Decades of experience combined with our active participation in relevant industry associations ensures that our industry specialists are well-versed in all the manufacturing issues your company faces.

Our Services

Designed to Help Companies with Accounting for Manufacturing and Distribution—and Much More

Warren Averett’s clients can choose from a wide selection of consulting services. Though each service has a distinct focus, one thing is always the same: our focus is on the client. Our accountants and advisors adopt a comprehensive approach that integrates accounting and all aspects of business planning. We can serve as your inventory management consultant as well as your enterprise resource planning, or ERP accounting advisor.

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Let us help your company optimize efficiency with guidance and consultation on:

  • Federal and state tax planning tailored to manufacturers and distributors
  • R&D tax credit qualified expenses
  • Employee retention tax credit
  • Cash flow forecasting (specifically how to improve cash flow forecasting in a manufacturing business)
  • Business process improvement methods
  • Logistics, including streamlining for more efficient warehousing and efficient transportation
  • Workforce development solutions, including small business HR solutions
  • Inventory management consulting, optimization and planning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP accounting through comprehensive software solutions.

Warren Averett leverages the strength of our industry partnerships and years of know-how to be your advocate and advisor in navigating the competitive landscape of today’s marketplace.

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  • Manufacturing accounting
  • Distribution taxes
  • Heavy equipment business consulting
  • Federal, state and local tax planning
  • Balance sheet management, cash, accounts
  • Receivables, inventory, incentives and credits
  • Manufacturing audit
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Review of fixed and variable expenses
  • Profit enhancement and contingency plans
  • Agriculture
  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Building Materials
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Metal Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics and Chemicals
  • Wood Products

Meet Our Team: Experts in Accounting for Manufacturing and Distribution

Learn more about our team members’ experience, insights and how we can help you. We go above and beyond traditional manufacturing accounting services to help our companies thrive.

Our Team of Experts

At Warren Averett, our business consulting team is comprised of people who not only know the manufacturing and distribution industry but also have experience working in it, providing us with a unique perspective of the challenges you face in the current marketplace.

Our offices hold a large footprint in the Southeast, which means that you’ll have the advantage of working with a well-connected network of manufacturing cost accounting experts in a firm also dedicated to providing the kind of personalized service you’d expect from a local partner.

We understand the pressures manufacturers and distributors face daily—from improving supply chain optimization to implementing cost-effective strategies to maximizing production. That’s why our accounting services consider all your business needs in order to craft a solid strategy that positions you as a marketplace leader. Whether you need us to be your R&D tax credits specialists or your guide to new lease accounting standards, Warren Averett has the know-how and experience to move you forward. When you excel, we thrive.

Our Customized, Anti-Cookie-Cutter Approach 

A comprehensive analysis of all accounting for manufacturing and distribution is the most critical step you can take to optimize efficiency and retain profits. Our advisors recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for these services. With decades of experience providing manufacturing cost accounting and accounting for wholesale distribution, Warren Averett’s team brings specialized knowledge that can help you navigate the competitive challenges of a market that is driven by cost pressures, quick turnaround times and tight operating margins. We aim to be the partner you need, providing scalable services that are driven by your goals.


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