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Daily Money Management

Warren Averett offers families of private wealth, high net worth individuals, busy executives and retired executives strategic, coordinated, and daily money management services.

With services including accounting and ‘back office’ support, tax services, tax planning and compliance, estate planning, investment performance reporting, and other routine financial services, our experienced professionals apply a strategic and coordinated approach to each client situation. They assemble a suite of services uniquely focused on a client’s needs and goals, saving the client time and relieving them of routine or complex responsibilities. The services we offer are tailored for those who understand the opportunity costs associated with managing their own routine financial tasks.

Our services run the gamut from personal and lifestyle management support to accounting and tax services. They include accounting, risk management and personal services, investments, tax services, estate planning, and oversight and assistance.


  • The busy executive who wants to maintain a burden-free lifestyle
  • The retired executive who is accustomed to having an administrative assistant
  • The senior adult who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle but may need some day to day assistance
  • Bill payment
  • Recording keeping with all banking and financial transactions
  • Bank and investment statement reconciliation
  • Reporting of monthly financial activities
  • Organized ledger for year-end tax preparation
  • Domestic/caregiver payroll and payroll tax filings
  • Medical claims processing
  • Assist with Medicare and Social Security enrollment
  • Assistance with sale/purchase of home, automobile
  • Assistance with selection of retirement home
  • Insurance coverage evaluation
  • Oversight of credit card activity for unusual activity
  • Review accounts for fluctuations
  • Liaison between other professionals