Data Analysis

Warren Averett’s data analysis experts can provide opportunities for you to look at your company’s data from a new perspective and provide solutions to issues you may not even know exist.

Data can be overwhelming and hard to understand. If not managed carefully, information can get lost in the shuffle and vital data can get overlooked. Warren Averett’s data analysis experts are here to take the burden off your shoulders by making your information concise and easy to manage. Using a tailored approach, our team will aid you in understanding what your data means – no red tape, complications, or confusion, just answers and solutions.

Data extraction can reorganize and/or convert the information from a company’s accounting software into a more usable format. With our extraction and analysis experience, we can produce usable data and show your company what the numbers truly mean by uncovering valuable insights within your financials, identify process improvements that can increase efficiency and better manage risk.

Our experienced data analysis professionals have the resources to serve unique client requests. Our team can provide information to those needing a clearer understanding of their data, as well as answers to unusual questions. Our experienced team focuses on diving into your data and retrieving useful information—from cash disbursements or receipts, vendor information, investment statements or employee listings.

While most businesses are shifting focus from capturing growth to preserving value and mitigating risk, data-driven decision-making is essential no matter where in the business life cycle your company is. Greater processing power and edge computing has enabled organizations to collect and analyze data from mobile devices and embedded sensors. Leveraging the latest data preparation tools can fully automate the extraction of data into an analytics-ready format.

Using that data, advanced analytics and machine learning applications can be used to solve more complex business problems and form a predictive response. These advanced applications are enabling organizations to do far more with their data, from driving new operational efficiencies to detecting anomalies or threats to uncovering emerging customer behaviors.

Services Offered

  • Analytical assessment/data evaluation
  • Extraction of data security
  • Reporting or recalculation
  • Data validation
  • 100% population testing
  • Transaction review for trends or unusual activities


  • Convert data to a more useful format to improve efficiencies in internal and external audits
  • Assist in fraud investigations (isolate and identify fraud amounts)
  • Analyze expenses for compliance with spending limits
  • Review trends or unusual occurrences
  • Ability to review and identify compliance with accounting policies and controls
  • Clarify questions related to company processes or procedures
  • Provide reporting for requested levels of company management

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