Due Diligence

Due Diligence

For every deal, there are potential deal killers—things that will either keep the deal from happening or dramatically impact the deal terms. At Warren Averett, we work alongside our customers to identify these issues early in the process of a transaction, before significant resources have been expended. Doing our due diligence is more than a legal term. It’s our obligation to you.

While performing merger and acquisition due diligence, we keep in mind that every transaction is unique and must be approached that way. At the same time, years of experience has shown us that a comprehensive appraisal should always examine certain key elements. With that in mind, our customers benefit from our due diligence checklist. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, our process will walk you through each step of the investigation that is essential prior to any deal. We ensure that you are examining the right information and asking the right questions. Based on our findings, we can make the necessary adjustments to keep your transaction strategy on course.

Selling & Buying

On the Sell-Side

On the sell-side, we support clients looking to sell their business by assisting in the preparation of the buyer’s requests. We take pressure off of the owners and executives by taking a hands-on approach to preparing clients for the business transaction. Our clients are positioned to obtain maximum value, avoid surprises and mitigate risks.

For Potential Buyers

For potential buyers, we understand that transactions can be complicated. Whether you are a corporate strategic buyer, private equity group, mezzanine lender or other financial investor, you must try to minimize risk, maximize transaction value and make the process efficient. Our experience advisors can assist with common issues associated with all transactions including:

  • Inaccurate accounting
  • State and local tax compliance
  • Outdated or insecure IT systems, applications and infrastructure
  • Failure to deliver or receive expected results
  • Carve-outs issues for larger companies
  • Incomplete due diligence

Checklist: How Prepared Are You to Buy or Sell a Business?

Review our due diligence checklist to see 58 items that could make or break a deal.

Transaction Process

In both the pre-transaction phase and during the transaction execution, we help your company examine important indicators such as operational efficiencies, compensation and benefits and information technology proficiencies.

In addition to risk identification and mitigation services, we perform buy-side or sell-side quality of earnings assessments which can provide increased confidence in the numbers and prevent delays and surprises.

Transaction Focus Areas  

Every transaction has its own lifecycle. Our goal is to guide your company through each step by providing you with the appropriate information to proceed, renegotiate, restructure or withdraw from a potential transaction.

In order to help you gain a better understanding of the target business, we focus on the following primary areas: 

  • Quality of earnings and assets
  • Working capital considerations
  • Tax exposures and savings
  • Cash-flow hazards
  • Buy-side and sell-side due diligence
  • Purchase price disputes
  • Information technology considerations

Our Services Overview

Due Diligence Services

Due diligence services provide protection for you, whether you are on the buy or sell side of a deal. Our experts bring years of experience to the due diligence process to ensure it’s comprehensive in scope. For the buyer or investor, these services include a review of the target company’s assets and liabilities, structure, operations, key business relationships, and more. Even cybersecurity protocols, which are inextricable to a company’s value, are scrutinized. Alternatively, we provide sellers a clear organizational strategy to manage the process—and the paperwork— to work toward a smooth transition. 

Our due diligence advisors can help you feel confident that the company is valued and priced correctly in today’s market. Our experts can also demonstrate the most effective way to finalize a deal without any missteps or delays.    

In short, we partner with you to make sure you are making optimal decisions throughout the transaction process. 

Meet Our Due Diligence Team

Learn more about our team members’ expertise, insights and how we can help you. We make sure our customers understand the critical issues that can impact a transaction before a deal is complete.


The execution of a well-designed due diligence process incorporates many moving parts. While there is no universal plan for transitioning, our due diligence specialists have developed a tested and proven due diligence checklist that guides our strategy. They also have the experience to know which factors can impact your deal the most. We recognize that each client brings unique goals and expectations to the table, and cultivate a relationship-based approach to inform our strategy.


Our advisors specialize in supporting clients in all phases of transactions. By guiding you toward strategies to proactively perform due diligence, we make sure you address issues before they impact your deal. Ensuring your decisions are made with a clear grasp of the facts is a point of pride for our organization, and we leave no stone unturned. By staying on top of industry market factors, legal and regulatory requirements and the economic climate, we bring more than just an assessment. We provide a comprehensive analysis that incorporates a thorough understanding of your desires, expectations, short-term needs and long-term objectives.


Do you know what you should do to perform due diligence during a transaction? How do you prepare for all potential issues that can impact a deal?

At Warren Averett we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive assessments available to guide your decisions at all points of a transaction. With a focus on long-term relationship building, we also aim to tailor our approach to address your unique goals and concerns. No one likes surprises. That’s why our team ensures that issues are addressed prior to completion of any transaction. Once we have performed a thorough due diligence process, you can move forward with assurance that your strategy is sound.


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