Career Transition/Outplacement

Warren Averett Workplace provides personalized support for organizations faced with decisions about workforce reductions and alternatives, realignment or office closings.

One of the most difficult decisions an employer can make is to let go of employees. The process is not only hard for the employee but also the manager and the colleagues who remain with the company.

Warren Averett Workplace supports both the organization and the impacted employees through the entire process. We help companies structure the notification and train management to deliver the news without complications. We can be the support system the employee needs as he or she moves into the next phase of their career. We coach career transition participants in all industries and levels, offering a broad range of programs tailored to the individual needs of both client companies and participants.

Warren Averett Workplace is a proud member of Career Partners International. This partnership allows us to provide high-quality professional development solutions and services locally or globally. Career Partners International has over 300 offices in more than 45 countries. Warren Averett Workplace provides career transition, executive coaching and career coaching solutions to client companies across the world.


Yes and no. We help career transition clients build the confidence they need (positioning, tools, strategy and support) that leads to a new job, a new career or satisfying retirement. We have robust face-to-face, on-line and group coaching to augment the many resources clients find in our Momentum Career Portal. While we work with recruiters (we even have a separate recruiting division, and we know lots of recruiters), our service is more about leads and direction for the client. So, no, we are not recruiters. Our service is about assessment, getting ready, how to and exceptional resources that drive strong landing rates for job seekers. So, yes, we help clients find jobs because we help them go about their search in a way that yields results. Our clients find jobs 40% faster than the market.

One call to Warren Averett Workplace … A CPI Partner does it all. We are able to provide one point of contact for your career transition needs. Our Career Partners Offices work seamlessly to help you and your employees.

Yes, should you have a need to lay off employees, Warren Averett Workplace can help your team execute the project in a way that treats employees with dignity and grace and helps them move forward. We can provide training and resources for your management team.

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Client Successes

I found Workplace responsive and willing to work as a unified team to meet the goals agreed to.

Manufacturing Executive

I didn’t need a lot of coaching on my resume, networking, LinkedIn, etc. What I really needed was a strong coach to help me set goals and provide guidance along the way. That’s exactly what I got with my coach. She’s a gem! I hope that I never need services like this again, but if I do, she is the person that I will call!

Insurance Executive

Very personable and positive individuals. Very willing to help in any aspect of the job search process.


The help and knowledge I received are something I don’t think you can get any other way. It is a whole new way to think about a job transition.

Graphic Artist

While searching for the next job you never know where the next contact, lead or advice will take you. I recommend enlisting the support of everyone around you. Career Partners International provided training and contacts that made a huge difference for me.

Technology Professional

I found everyone to be professional, caring and willing to go the extra mile to help in any way. My coach was incredible.

Technology professional