Accounting and Tax Services for Natural Resources Companies

Warren Averett has the ability and experience to assist natural resources companies with the issues specific to the industry and provide business insights with our understanding of the latest regulatory challenges and business drivers. Warren Averett is uniquely positioned to meet the business needs of natural resources companies.


Warren Averett’s accountants meet the needs of natural resources companies with services in accounting, cash flow and capital investment management, internal control services, research and development tax credit studies, business valuations and more.


The natural resources industry requires specialized knowledge and attention to detail. We can step in to manage your overall finances and assist with your accounting challenges to save you money, keep you in compliance and ensure your company thrives.


We serve many natural resource companies and have developed expertise in accounting and tax issues specific to the industry.

Our Services

Helping natural resource companies with accounting and tax issues

Though each service we offer has a distinct purpose, one thing is always the same: our focus is on the client.
Our accountants and advisors work to help you reach your business’s unique goals. Proper planning of each engagement ensures that we identify all key business and accounting issues and audit strategies.

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Let us help your company optimize efficiency with guidance and consultation on:

  • Resources accounting and materials accounting
  • Audits, compilations and reviews of financial statements
  • Cash flow and capital investment management
  • Internal control services
  • State, multistate and local tax planning
  • Research and development tax credit studies
  • Business valuations
  • Due diligence and acquisition assistance
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • ERP and supply chain management software

Meet Our Team: Experts in Accounting for Natural Resource Companies

Learn more about our team members’ experience, insights and how we can help you. We go above and beyond traditional accounting services to help natural resources companies thrive.

Our Team of Experts

At Warren Averett, our Natural Resources Group is comprised of people who possess the right expertise and insights to help you navigate the unique accounting and business needs facing those in this sector.

Our offices hold a large footprint in the Southeast, and we represent many of the largest natural resource mining companies in several states. We understand this business requires constant vigilance and attention to detail. Our accounting professionals can even handle the management of your overall finances.

We understand the natural resource industry is unique from both a financial reporting and income tax perspective. We continually keep our clients informed of the latest regulatory changes and developments to ensure they can make the most informed decisions. Warren Averett has the know-how and expertise to move you forward.

Our Customized, Anti-Cookie Cutter Approach

Our advisors recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for natural resources companies. With decades of experience providing accounting, tax and consulting services, Warren Averett’s team brings specialized knowledge that can help you navigate the market’s energy accounting challenges. We aim to be the partner you need, providing scalable services that are driven by your goals.

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