Employee Relations & Performance Management

Companies are experiencing unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to their employees, team management and staff development.

Today’s workplace is simply unlike those from years past. What employees need, want and expect from their employers is changing, and businesses everywhere are charged with navigating the challenges associated with assessing, cultivating and bolstering their employee dynamics.

Our team understands the growing need that companies have to equip and develop their team members in order to advance toward their goals.

Warren Averett’s human resources consultants can assist your company in maximizing your team’s potential through offering career development opportunities, strengthening employee relations, facilitating strategic planning sessions and honing your employees’ leadership skills.

Services Offered

Supervisors and managers have a critical impact on employee relations in any company. Many managers don’t have the experience, skills or information they need to succeed in this area. HR Consulting can assist in:

  • Improving employee relations issues
  • Improving morale and reducing turnover in the process
  • Providing training to managers/supervisors
  • Giving feedback
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Insuring fair and equal treatment

Like a roadmap or training plan, assessments will help you pinpoint strengths and developmental areas for you and your team. Assessments often improve hiring processes, strengthen leadership programs and improve team dynamics. We offer a full suite of assessment services coupled with coaching to help you select, grow and develop your employees. We work with your team to put together an assessment battery that works for you. We can administer assessments for you and create portals to help you administer them yourself. Whether you are seeking self-report assessments or 360 Feedback, Emotional Intelligence or Critical Thinking, we are able to help with tools, debrief, game plan and interventions.

Warren Averett Workplace will help you facilitate your next meeting or strategy session. Having an outside facilitator frees up the business leader, participants and stakeholders so that they can engage fully in important activities, discussion and decision making. Whether you are implementing a new initiative, planning for the future or creating a powerful off-site meeting, we can help improve your meeting strategies and help you achieve the results you want.

Some people are born leaders. If leadership is a priority for your firm, invest in your leaders and future leaders through focused attention. Whether you are augmenting your internal training resources or outsourcing leadership development to a trusted firm, we can help. We have coaches and curriculum development professionals skilled at customizing a program for you. Programs may include one-on-one coaching, performance development plans, classroom programs, e-learning and experiential, assignment-based learning to help you succeed. We provide one-on-one, group and global solutions for leadership development. We tailor our approach to your needs, business and culture

It’s not about being good, it’s about being better – Warren Averett Workplace helps clients build better careers and better results.

Whether you are early, mid or late career, we can help. Career development is an art and a science. Given the competitive nature of the employment market – inside and outside your organization – you will benefit from having a career coach. The science of career development includes using an in-depth knowledge of the employment market, assessments and proven tools to help you build a solid understanding of your goals, developmental needs and career plan. The art of career development is the opportunity to work with an experienced coach dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Programs range from one-on-one coaching for leaders and individuals to corporate workshops and full-service office support.


We customize the team experience for your situation. As one example, we are licensed to use the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Program https://www.fivebehaviors.com/ which includes DiSC or Type. The combination of these programs makes for an engaging, interactive and actionable experience. Teams explore trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. The content is applicable to any industry and works well with an intact team.

Turnover is a multifaceted problem. Warren Averett Workplace can analyze your process (selection, role clarity, onboarding, training, leadership, exit interviews, etc.).

If your selection system needs to be fortified, we have a battery of position and level specific pre-hire assessments. The goal of these assessments is to help you hire stronger, so they stay longer.

We are equipped to provide validated, position or level specific assessments that will improve your selection process. We tap into a variety of tools and use a variety of resources – technology, face-to-face interviews and can create whole system selection processes with the help of our Industrial Psychologists.

Tip #1: The interview is not a great predictor of success on the job

Tip #2: The relationship with the boss is the number one reason for turnover.

We have a full selection of selection assessments ranging from assessments for entry-level employees to executives. As an example, we have a solution that measures an entry-level candidate’s potential to be safe, dependable and productive. We have a call center battery that measures, among other things productivity, quality, stress tolerance and service potential. One of our professional assessments measures accountability, adaptability, service orientation and other cognitive abilities and personality traits shown to contribute to success in professional roles. Our selection assessments come with questions to enhance your interview process.

Whether you are hiring a CEO or a line employee, Warren Averett can help you hire well. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you bring in top talent.

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Client Successes

Leadership development program was seeking assessments to help participants work on personal development. The assessments that were used in this program were the ESCI (Emotional Intelligence 3600 Feedback tool) and a DiSC Profile to help with self-awareness.

Law firm with a focus on building a cohesive group and involved culture added assessments to their selection system. Morale has improved as well as productivity and engagement as a result of increased attention to the hiring process.

High potential leaders working through a year-long program received individual feedback from coach which included style, preference and stress behavior feedback, critical thinking feedback and a tool that gives a window on blind spots and patterns that can lead to derailment.