Forensic and Valuation Services

Warren Averett knows that your most valuable asset is your business.

The experienced professionals in our Forensic and Valuation Services Group can provide valuation, litigation support, forensic and fraud services that protect from the unexpected and give you the certainty of knowing what your business is worth.

Decisions based upon business value can have far-reaching effects. Warren Averett’s valuation services offer help to business owners, attorneys, trust departments, banks and financial institutions, professional practices and individuals in a wide variety of situations.

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  • Bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Business interruption/loss of income
  • Business valuation
  • Compensation analysis
  • Contract disputes
  • Earn-out calculations
  • Estate administration damages
  • Fraud investigations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Healthcare regulatory compliance
  • Healthcare self-disclosure reporting
  • Insurance claims
  • Litigation support for mediation and arbitration
  • Lost earnings and profits
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • Unreasonable business expense claims

Our experts are highly skilled in business valuations and use established valuation methodologies to determine how much a business is worth. This business valuation can be used in a variety of ways, including transfers/sales of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift tax planning, corporate tax planning, financial reporting and more.

We can also help your company with any economic damages analyses by calculating your loss of economic value from any harmful acts.

Our experienced professionals are also highly skilled when it comes to providing litigation support in a variety of law practices, including family law. By supporting their needs, we help attorneys focus on the most important aspects of the case.

Knowing the value and the value drivers of your business can impact the overall value and help you make strong, forward-thinking decisions. Additionally, if you’re looking to prepare an exit strategy, thinking about gifting some stock or wanting to know how you measure up with competitors, a business valuation can be your first step to prepare for the future.

Knowing the value of your business is the first step to instituting safeguards to protect it. But, what do you do when you aren’t always able to focus on all aspects of daily operations, leaving your greatest investment—your business—vulnerable?

Warren Averett’s forensic accountants can protect your business from fraud and provide you with the necessary forensic services to institute safeguards that can keep your business (and your valuation) safe.

Our team of skilled professionals, including Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), have experience in conducting internal investigations and installing effective fraud deterrence systems. They know what patterns to look for, and they can identify the behavior patterns and psychological profiles of people who are likely to commit fraud.

We also understand that many fraudsters exploit weaknesses in computer networks, which is why our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), several of whom are also Certified Information System Auditors (CISAs), are an integral part of our fraud investigations. In addition, our team has extensive experience evaluating business processes and internal controls to identify fraud risks and suggest improvements across all industries.

If your business has experienced fraud or if you need Warren Averett’s forensic services, litigation support or a business valuation, our professionals can assist in helping you with these vital steps in protecting your business, its value and your employees.

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